Our vision can be summed up in one short sentence:

Life flowing from God, through His people, into the world.

The picture behind our vision is one of a stream that draws from the source, flows with other streams and becomes a life-giving river that reaches far and wide. Practically, that vision effects how we function in a variety of different ways:

It affects what we talk about.
We have broken the year up into three seasons where we focus the Sunday messages on each of the three parts of the vision. We learn how to connect with God better, relate to others better and then reach our community more effectively.

It affects what we value.
Our values of Constantly Seeking, Mutually Honouring and Extravagantly Blessing are based on this vision.

It affects what we do.
Our whole church, from Sunday services to small groups, is structured around helping people to know God, develop personally as part of the church, and then release them into fulfilling their God- given potential. This can mean releasing people to effectively minister in our church or wherever they can be most effective.

It affects how we celebrate.
Each year we celebrate in different ways. Tenacious! is an annual conference focused upon pressing in for a greater understanding, life-changing encounter and relationship with God. Honour is an annual event based around connecting better as a church family. Supernatural! is an event that is the culmination of a series of missional, evangelistic and community events ran throughout the season where we try to reach out to our community.

It affects how we live.
The values of the church are not meant to only influence how we act as an organisation, but how each of us live our lives as individual Christians. Jesus’ greatest commands to love God and to love people, as well as the commission he gave to His disciples to reach the world, are at the core of the vision and the values. We endeavour to live them our in our home lives and workplaces.

It affects where we are going.
We expect to grow in numbers but don’t expect to become a mega-church in terms of size. A stream on its own is not very impressive, but when it combines with others it becomes a powerful river. We expect to reach, develop and release people through our activities as a church and through a training college. We are also very intentional in connecting with other churches and ministries. Our vision includes seeing people released into ministry across the region, country, and world, and starting many other connected churches.

We may only ever be a stream in size, but as we connect and release, we expect to have the influence of a powerful, life giving river.